Image Gallery (I have owned, all but two of these items)

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heisey-beaded-swag-bowl-1green-etched-compotewaterford-champage-millenium-2fostoria-buttercuppink-center-handle-server3bohemia-thistle-pitcher-1desert-etchblue-rams-head-bowlpall-mall-glass-pitchercambridge-aurora-amethysthuntington-thistle-waterblack-and-gold-server-3img_5825small-blue-centre-handle-server-5pyrex-blue-bowls-2pyrex-blue-plates-1IMG_5948fostoria-heather-wine-1Wines Glasses with Green Stems (2)Tiara Indiana Server (2)Amberina Centre handled Server (2)Bohemia Victoria Goblet (5)Blue Enamel Centre Handle Server (1)Tiffin Glass Candle Holder with Juno Etch (2)IMG_5791Tiffin Candle Holder with Corn Flower (1)Corn Flower Platter (2)Unknown Czech Decanter (1)Jeannette Deer Powder Jar (3)IMG_5486IMG_5643Wine Glass with Amber Cone Stem (5)Westmoreland SwansFostoria Vesper (2)Cambridge Lorna Console (2)IMG_3560IMG_5473Heisey Orchid Salad Bowl (1)New Martinsville Meadow Wreath Radiance Creamer (1)Unknown Fume Etch Tumbler (2)IMG_5405Bryce 463 (1)IMG_5339Heisey Yeoman Sugar (1)Scotty Tumblers (2)Cristal D'Arque - Rosaline (1)IMG_5227Spike Powder Jar (2)Tiffin Rosemary (1)IMG_5245Viking Ruby Jar (4)Cambridge Aurora Water Goblet (1)Cambridge Cleo Pink (1)Heisey Plantation Candle Holder (5)White Old Decanter (6)Unknown Blue Hobnail (1)Val St. Lambert Simplicity Small Glasses (1)Northwood Louis XV (1)Tiffin Jap Lily (2)Cambridge Ivory Rams Head BowlTiffin Tourain (1)Cambridge Helio Rams Head Bowl013US Glass Vermont (1)IMG_4778IMG_4634IMG_4749Paden City NervaConsolidated Martele Hummingbird (1)Fostoria Indian VasesHazel Atlas Gay Nineties whiskey (4)IMG_4638King's Crown Tumbler (4)IMG_4589Paden City Tassel, Art Noveau Goblet (1)Jeannette Feathers (1)Tiffin server (5)Cambridge Helio Bowl (1)IMG_4416US Glass King's Crown WinesUnknown King's Crown (3)Fostoria's Green Coin Vase (1)Pink Corn Flower Bowl (2)IMG_3591Heisey Old Colony Sahara (3)Heisey Old Dominion (2)Anchor Hocking Bubble (4)Paden City Spring Orchard Cocktail (4)Tiffin Florence (1)Fostoria Chateau etch (1)Heisey Pompeii (3)Unknown Blank, Unknown Etch (2)l.E. SMith My pets (1)IMG_3421IMG_3346IMG_3347Fostoria Vesper Candlestick (1)Unknown Pink Bowl (2)Cambridge #432 Jade001Central Glass 432 (3)IMG_3260Dorflinger DecanterCambridge Apple Blossom (1)IMG_3200Westmoreland Paneled Grape Sugar (4)Heisey Belvedere Water (1)Imperial Pie Crust with Silver Overlay (4)Imperial Pie Crust relish dish (2)Maple Leaf Butter Dish (1)Heisey #3390, Carcassone with Etch #448 in Sahara (5)Lord's Prayer Glass (1)Heisey #3389, Etch #480 (1)Fostoria CelliniUnknown Needle Etch on Unknown Stem with Bulb (3)018002007Heisey Renaissance (3)Jeannette Grape and Vine (2)Cambridge Clear Ram's Head BowlFire King Jadeite BowlGerman glasses (3)Gillinder Lion CompoteHeisey Empress Tumbler Moongleam (3)Vaseline Jam Jar (3)Heisey Frontenac FlamingoHeisey Sahara Empress sherberts (2)Glastonbury Lotus Rose Bud Vase (2)Fostoria Vernon ChampagneTiffin June Night (2)Heisey Empress Etch Cordial Sahara (2)Boyd's Yellow Lamb (4)Fostoria Martha WashingtonUtility Cambodia WareCambridge 173 with Etch 70Fenton Top Hat (2)Heisey Frontenac Moongleam Sherbert (5)Bryce # 325-4 (3)Fostoria Navarre Sherberts (2)Fostoria Willow (2)Heisey Diana (3)Fostoria Coin Candy Dish GreenViking Prelude Sherberts (2)Greensburgh GLass Yellow Ashtray (3)Westmoreland Cat (2)Champagnes with Plate Etch (5)Etched FLowersCorn Flower Tumblers (2)Fostoria Canadian Coin GlassWestmoreland Colonial Compote (4)Anchor Hocking RUby Red Sherberts (2)Anchor Hocking Ruby Red Bowl (2)Anchor Hocking Ruby Red GlassGreen GobletsBlendo GlassesFern EtchGoebel HorseUnknown Etch with Silver rim (2)Fostoria Spartan (3)Unknown Needle Etch with Swag (2)Bohemia Thistle Salad Bowl (3)L.E. Smith Grape GobletUnknown Etch on Unknown Covered DIsh (3)Fostoria Rambler001Mere's Green SwanWestmoreland Vase with Floral DecorationWestmoreland Paneled Grape Ivy BowlJeannette Donkey Powder JarFostoria SpartanFlower Frogs (2)Fostoria June Topaz Ice Bucket (5)Fire King Cup and Saucer - Peach Lustre (2)Cambridge Marjorie (3)Fenton Ruby Tokyo (3)033Heisey Sealyham TerrierAvon Snow OwlBayel Bacchante Large Glass (5)011Center Handled PlateRippled Amber VaseHughes Cornflower Centre Handled DishHobnail Lamp012Unknown Opalescent vaseFostoria Vernon006Chicken Egg cupNeedle Etch with Greek Key (2)Huntington ThistleBryce Sherberts (4)Bohemia Victory Champagnes (5)001Green Needle Etched TumbWaterford Sheila Port Glasses (2)016 (2)W.J. Hughes Pink Cornlower TumblerPlatter Unknown Swag Etch (2)cambridge 3011 Nude Cocktails Gold Krystol (3)Cambridge 3011 Nude Amethyst (2)Cambridge 3011 Gren Liquors (3)Fenton Swan (4)IMG_0111006Fostoria Canadian Coin VaseCambridge Nude Black Stem 2Duncan Miller Citron 115 Candle HoldersCambridge Rams Head Bowl in RubinaCambridge Statuesque Farberware Compote (2)Hocking Mayfair Pink luncheon plate (5)007Paden City Spring Orchard DecanterCambridge Aurora Carmen Stem (2)056002005016Unknown Plate Etch on StemFarberwareImperial Candlewick Cornflower Tray (2)Westmoreland Lovebirds - perhapsBeaver Valley Geisha (2)Cornflower Red Cut (2)Imperial Glass Milkglass Rooster Egg cupHobb Brockunier Flamingo Habitat Compote (4)Morgantown Lace BouquetUnknown Cornflower 2Westmoreland LionCambridge AuroraTiffin 2809 Lois069072043Bohemia Thistle Open Champagnes (3)Indiana Diamond Point PitcherFenton Colonial rose (2)Unknown Pink Compote (2)018Federal Madrid PlatePaden City TasselIndiana Glass Loganberry BowlUnknown etch with amber stem (2)Anchor Hocking Bubble PithcerIndiana Glass Wild Rose (2)Unknown Amber RIbbed Vase001Northwood Fruit and Leaf (2)199Indiana Glass Lily Pons212222009Unknown Etch Unknown BlankLibbey blue tumblerGlass SlipperArt Vase (2)Amber TumblerCornflower Sugar and Creamer (4)Pinwheel low vase (3)013021003Rose Bowl011Pink Things010Imperial Sunflower PerfumeUnknown Carnival BowlJeannette Cherry Blossom salt & Peppr001009005003Cambridge Rosepoint Cake Plate (5)054052Hobnail plant pot142Diamond & Button Old Virignia Line - Fenton008013Fenton BowlWatermelon cordials (2)Amber Candle HolderLibbey Tumblers Beige FlowersFloragold BowlSpiral Needle Etch UnknownCornflower Tumblers (2)Green VaseLibbey Blue Juice GlassesFostoria RomanceAnchor Hocking Forest Green Vase (2)Libbey Floral Tumblers 3Cut Butter Dish (2)CruetIce Bucket (2)Cut Large BowlCut Small Bowl001Imperial Glass Ripple Vase (2)Edinburgh Crystal (5)033Unknown Etch with Green Base (2)Unknown Leaf Etch (2)Bohemia Thistle Wine GlassesUnknown Rose Container (2)Unknown Needle Etch on Purple Blank (2)Unknown Pressed Glass (2)Unknown Sherbert with Pretty StemUnknown Stem with Knot (2)Unknown Etch on Unknown Stem009Fostoria Navarre Comport 1Red Vase 1Dresden Rose (2)Fenton HobnailHobnail Candle Stick Holders (3)Hobnail Vase 231Pink Corn Flower Bowl (2)Pink Corn Flower Bowl (2)

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