Glass Reference Sites

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Some useful links.

Glass Marks @:

Glass Notes, Carnival Heaven, Guide to Glassware Marks & Signatures, Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on BottlesBohemian,  Glassmakers & Glassmaking: Bottles & Glass Makers Markings, Glass Bottle Marks, Great Glass, Blenko, Fenton Art Glass labels (Iridescent Stretch Glass)

The Blenko Museum

The Blenko Project

The Blenko Archive

King’s Crown Glass

Miami Valley Study Group (Cambridge Glass)

The Glass Museum

Cloud Glass

Fenton Fanatics

Pairpoint Glass Knowledge Center

English Pressed Glass

Facebook Group – Vintage Glass ID – Etches and Cuttings

Crinkled and Wrinkled Glass

Old House Lights Antique Lighting Catalogs

Glass Gallery

Hazelware Glass

Blenko Glass Catalogs

Carden Steuben Club

My Flower Frogs

6 thoughts on “Glass Reference Sites”

  1. Odette Manlove said:
    ore t
    im Trying one more time to post my glasses for Id


    • Hi – pretty. I had a quick look at a couple websites I refer to and didn’t see this etch. Hopefully someone will recognize it. It is a little difficult to make out the details of the etch from the photo. Try the “macro” option on your camera. That will show up the design more clearly and make them more attractive for someone to buy. I hope someone will recognize these pieces for you! Thanks for sharing. cheers. d.b.

  2. Odette Manlove said:

    Hi Everybody I am hoping someone can help me ID this glass wear and pattern and approx years made


    • Hi – the link to the Etsy page doesn’t work. Do you have another way of identifying the glasses you are looking at?



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