Update – Fostoria Blank #877, Etch #277 – Vernon


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Picked up this lovely amber centre handle server recently. I think the production dates were 1927-1941. The pattern is #2375 Fairfax.  This is the second one that I have found in amber.  Don’t know how many colours the piece was made in.










August 26, 2014

Acquired two of the champagnes/tall sherberts.  The colour is spectacular (still).Fostoria Vernon Champagne









Original March 15, 2014 Post

Fostoria VernonThe only coloured pieces by Fostoria that I have owned were stems in the Canary shade.  I bought these online and they were more beautiful than I had expected.  The green is very rich.  Not a deep forest green, but not as much yellow as some other greens.

In Hazel Weatherman’s book, Fostoria, its first fifty years, Ms. Weatherman reports that Fostoria introduced colour, including the colour green, to its pieces in 1924. Fostoria Vernon

The Vernon design, plate etching number 277 was introduced in 1927 and discontinued in 1934.  It was produced in orchid (1927-28), azure (1928-1934), amber (1927-1934) and green (1927-1934).

This line of tableware had many pieces.

Although the etch is not one of my all time favourites, it is attractive.  However it is the colour makes these stems very appealing.

Update to…………….Cambridge Glass Mayonnaise Dish with Ladle in Helio


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It has been a very long time since I have posted on this blog.  In the interim I have had a trip to the east coast of Canada and made a number of short trips.  Along the way I have picked up a few new things.  Not alot as I am trying to cut back on my inventory for my shops as well as for my own collections.

Nonetheless I still keep my peepers peeped.

I have long sold the bowl and ladle combo.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the same bowl, this time with the underplate, in a Salvation Army thrift shop in my hometown of Fort Erie.  No ladle this time.

I always wonder how pieces end up where they do.


August 11, 2015

Cambridge Helio Bowl (1)

This weekend we went out to Orono where the annual antiques fair was held.  I picked up a number of pieces including this pretty opaque purple (Cambridge called it Helio) dish.  I was very surprised to find my first piece of Helio in this little Ontario town.  I asked the vendor if she recalled where she had found it, but she did not.

I have only seen Helio online.  I gather that there are variations in the tone of purple.  This is a fairly dark piece.  I read in the reference book – Colors in Cambridge Glass II – that Helio was introduced in January 1923 and was likely only produced for no more than two years.

I believe this set to be the mayonnaise, with ladle, from line #169.

Hobbs & Brockunier Cream and Sugar Set – Goat Head Pattern


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My obsession with my Cambridge Glass Rams Head Bowls, and my lion collection, has me looking for animals in glass.

My husband and I drove more than 3,500 kilometers recently out to Atlantic Canada.  I hardly bought a thing, but picked up this set less than an hour and a half from home!

I really like this set.  These old Hobbs & Brockunier pieces are so interesting.

This is pattern number 79 – Goat Head.  Introduced 1868.

Unfortunately the lid to the sugar bowl is missing.  There is a goat head finial on the lid, which would have been cool to find.

This is a huge sugar bowl – good for a big sweet loving family!