New Martinsville # 4554 Janice Candle Holder / Candleholder with Hughes’ Corn Flower Cutting


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One of the best reference set purchases I’ve made was to buy the three volume set of The Glass Candlestick Book by Tom Felt and Elaine & Rich Stoer.  The first thing I do when I acquire a candlestick holder is to look for it in one of these books.  Works from the major American glass companies are included.

Volume 3 lists this piece as New Martinsville’s #4554 0- Janice.  It was originally made circa 1940-1970 in crystal and reissued later in crystal and pink.

According to the Canadian Identification & Price Guide to W.J. Hughes Corn Flower Glass by Krista A. Taylor, the Hughes’ cutting could have been carried as early as the 1930s.

There is a bit of a discrepancy between the dating of these pieces between the books.

Regardless of its age it is a pretty piece.


Unknown Lion on Basket/Nest


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I had seen this one online in milk glass with no identification. It was too expensive for me to consider, but I of course wanted it.

Came across one in clear in an online auction from the US.  The first time I actually bought anything through Live Auctioneer.  It was a simple process although the end price with the shipping and exchange of course made this piece more costly than I would have liked.  But I have it.

I still don’t know anything about it.  I messaged someone who has one for sale online, but didn’t receive a response.

It is a very majestic piece and I would love to identify it.

Stem with Hughes Corn Flower (I think)


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This is a very attractive glass with it’s fancy twisted stem, the shape of the bowl and of course the cutting.

The Corn Flower cutting appears to be that of Hughes as opposed to one of his imitators.  But of course I am always open to being corrected!

I am guessing that the stem is European – imported from Czechoslovakia or Hungary perhaps.