Update to…..Indiana Glass Clear Blue Harvest Candy Dish


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I have no idea of what happened to the blue version below.  I would have sworn that I had never owned this piece before.  This is obviously a sign of a ‘problem’!

This is the carnival version.  Piece 2914 – the Covered Candy Box – of the Harvest line.  Very pretty colour on this piece.

Re the age.  Hard to tell, Indiana made these pieces for many years.


January 28, 2012

This is a Depression era (I think) covered candy dish.

Indiana Glass Harvest Candy Box

The edging has an open lace pattern.  These pieces aren’t uncommon and can be found in a large range of colours and finishes and pieces.  I likely bought this because it is blue.  I have had a number of blue serving pieces.  I like to display them in the summer.  Blue seems like a summerish kind of colour!

Update to………Green Console Bowl with Hughes Green Corn Flower / Cornflower Cutting


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Ran into another green piece this weekend.  A little salad plate, provenance unknown.  I no longer have the console, so can’t recall the exact colour.  The photo below looks dark, but in actuality I don’t think it was dark, although I am not sure if the two pieces are the exact same shade of green.


January 5, 2020

Corn Flower Green ConsoleI was very surprised to walk into the local St. Vincent de Paul shop to find this beautiful console bowl with the Corn Flower cutting.  I have never seen, in the wild, a piece cut with Corn Flower in any colour other than pink, hawthorne (Heisey) or the pilseners with the red bases.  Definitely never the green.

I don’t know the glass maker.   A photo of this piece shows up in Walter T. Lemiski’s book Elegant Glass with Corn Flower but does not indicate the provenance.

Very pretty.


Update to…………………..L.E. Smith Blue Goblet – Grape Pattern


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Had a lovely drive and dropped in at the Main Thru Church Antiques Mall in Orono.  Picked up this pretty goblet.  The amberina colour is rich and quite spectacular.

This piece has the ruffled edge and while it is a goblet, could be used as a really pretty little vase.


June 9, 2014

Yesterday our larger neighbourhood held a multi-block yard sale.  We do this collectively this the first weekend in June annually.

This year I bought only a very few things from my neighbours (some years it is really bad!).  Sold a few items.  Our friend Dave came over to sell a few things of his own.  He had picked up a couple pieces of glass that I acquired.  This is one of them.

L.E. Smith Grape Goblet (3)I was taken by this shade of blue – very pretty.  A cross between cobalt and turquoise.

Replacements.com calls the shade Vintage-Blue.  The grapes and leaves are quite obvious.

I’ve been trying to determine the age of this piece.  I’ve seen it sold online as a 1960s piece.  But I don’t really know.