Update to……Unknown Needle Etched Water Goblet – Not Unknown – Bryce Brothers



Boy it is hard to believe that I have been poking around with this blog for more than 10 years.  I have no idea how many people have looked at it.  Now my daily stats are pumped up by the computer bots who pop in – although heavens knows why!

I was lucky that someone asked a question about this stem.  At first I thought that it had remained unidentified, but no…..it was made by Bryce Brothers and is part of their line 760-1.  Don’t know if the etch was made by Bryce, but I have to surmise that it likely was.

Thanks to the viewer who asked the question that pushed me to edit this post.


February 14, 2012

I wanted to show the stem and a close view of the etch.  I haven’t worked too hard to determine the provenance of this glass.  There are many etches with loops, clovers, or whatever they are called.  If I really wanted to find out who made this glass, I would spend time trying to determine if the stem is unique to a particular company.  I only have one of these stems and I have no idea where I picked it up.  I generally buy single stems of a pattern, cheaply, at a flea market or yard sale.  I use them for my own beverages as I don’t mind, as much, if they get chipped in the handling.  This glass has a pretty shape and a nice optic.  I would bet (someone is welcome to prove me wrong) that it was made before 1938.

Lancaster Glass Topaz Bowl with Hughes’ Corn Flower Cutting


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Lucky to have come across this on Facebook Marketplace.  Just a quick call to my son who picked it up for me.  Had to wait until two visit (forgot to pick it up the first time) and was happy to bring it home to display with my other coloured items with Corn Flower.

I believe this piece was part of Lancaster’s line #767.

Hughes’ Corn Flower / Cornflower Cutting om a Tiffin Centre Handle Server


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Ordinarily I post repeat patterns on the same running post.  But this piece deserves its own post.

I visited the Hamilton Antique Mall for the first time last month.  It is a great place to visit.  Three floors, clean and lots of variety.  The visit was serendipitous.  A lady on one of my Facebook groups was advertising a sale in her shop.  I decided to visit.  Bought this piece and two amazing Heisey pieces in zircon.

I saw this piece, tucked away in a back corner of a shelf, and was intrigued.  When I pulled it out, I was very pleasantly thrilled.

This beautiful piece is the first piece of amber glass that I have owned with the Corn Flower cutting.  The colour is a thick honey coloured amber.

I have put it up for sale in my Etsy shop, but if it doesn’t sell for a long time I won’t be disappointed.  It looks lovely in my living room cabinet.  It sparkles when the sun shines on it.