Fostoria Diadem Topaz Glass Bowl – Kashmir Etch


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Isn’t this pretty?  This topaz bowl was made by Fostoria. The pattern is line #2430 – Diadem and the etch is #283 – Kashmir.

The diadem base is so interesting.  Unfortunately this piece has a number of chips along the diadem but are somewhat hidden.  The benefit of an intricate design!

Update ……….Bohemian (?) Covered Dish – Unknown Provenance – Alexander Pfohl / Josephine Glassworks


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After writing this I decided to post the photos to the Collectors Weekly site in their ‘Unsolved Mystery’ section.

I was fortunate to receive a couple hints.  One hint led me to make an inquiry to an antiques house called Bonhams.  A glass specialist responded and said:

“This is a lovely piece, and it does indeed look to be the work of Alexander Pfohl Jr from the 1920s. I have been unable to find this exact model in any of my books, but this is very much in the style of Pfohl produced at the Josephine Glassworks in Czechoslovakia. The style in which the rose on the cover is painted is virtually identical to those painted by Pfohl so I have no issue with such an attribution. He usually painted flowers against a black ground, and it is unusual to find engraved decoration in combination with transparentmalerei (transparent enamel painting), so this is an unusual piece.”

I very much appreciated the attribution.  I love this piece and am happy to have some information as to its provenance.


January 17, 2021


This type of piece is not one that I normally would pick up and it was more than I would normally pay for something like this, but when I saw it, I had to have it.

When my husband and I travel to the eastern U.S. we often cross the border at the Thousand Islands Bridge.  We will often stop in Watertown, N.Y for a night, coming or going and if we do we visit the Old Jail Antiques shop.  This is a pretty unique store as it really does have old cells crammed full of stuff.  The shop isn’t your typical well-organized, dust-free location, but they have interesting items, good prices and the proprietor is willing to bargain.

In any event I came across this piece in a crowded cabinet and set my husband to bargaining (a favourite task of his).

I have had this covered dish/jar (a candy?) for quite a number of years and have never been able to identify it.

It has beautiful hand painted details. lots of gilt and a very pretty engraving/cutting.  It stands 4 7/8 inches to the sides and about 8 inches to the top of the finial when the lid is on. The base has a diameter of 3 inches and the jar’s opening is 3 1/8 inches in diameter.

I would love to know more about this piece.  If anyone has any info, please share.