Gillinder and Sons Creamer


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I wandered into a Value Village recently.  This creamer was tucked away at the back of a shelf and at first I couldn’t see the etch, but the shape was intriguing.  I really like the solidity of the stem.

Didn’t know what it was but figured that it would be too hard to track down, and it wasn’t.

Turns out that the piece was made by Gillinder, likely in the late nineteenth century.  The etching is #14 and I gather it is commonly known as Deer and Dog.  It is difficult to capture the details, but the etch is comprised of two running deer, a hunting dog, a hunter with a gun and trees and grass.

Other than some light scratches there is no damage.  I always wonder how something so old and made of glass can survive more than 100 years of use and/or been shunted about.

Ditheridge & Company Easter Plate – Ducks and Eggs


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Isn’t this a cute little plate?  Didn’t know what it was, but knew that it was older.

Turns out that it was made by Dithridge & Company of Pittsburgh and Jeannette Pennsylvania which operated between 1862-1900.

This little plate was supposedly part of a special line of Easter novelty decorations. I have seen it called Ducks and Eggs. The number 93 is pressed on the back and refers to the mold number.

The plate likely had other colours on the front. Others that I have seen online show different colours.

I think this is the first piece I have purchased  made by Ditheridge (or as far as I know in any event).


Heisey Empress Lemon Bowl With Hughes Corn Flower Cutting


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It’s hard to see that this piece is yellow.

I was so happy to find this on our local Facebook Marketplace.  I recognized the cutting as Hughes’ Corn Flower but I didn’t recognize the line.

I posted an ID request on the Vintage Glass Identification group on Facebook.  The line was IDed very quickly as Heisey’s Empress line.  I should have known that!

This is the bottom of the lemon dish in Heisey Sahara (yellow).  Don’t know if I will ever find the lid, but who cares?  It’s a gorgeous little piece.  I have started a collection of Corn Flower in coloured glass.  So far my collection is limited to pink, amber, and red/clear.  I am sorry that I have sold the pieces that I used to have in Heisey in Hawthorne.