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Boy it is hard to believe that I have been poking around with this blog for more than 10 years.  I have no idea how many people have looked at it.  Now my daily stats are pumped up by the computer bots who pop in – although heavens knows why!

I was lucky that someone asked a question about this stem.  At first I thought that it had remained unidentified, but no…..it was made by Bryce Brothers and is part of their line 760-1.  Don’t know if the etch was made by Bryce, but I have to surmise that it likely was.

Thanks to the viewer who asked the question that pushed me to edit this post.


February 14, 2012

I wanted to show the stem and a close view of the etch.  I haven’t worked too hard to determine the provenance of this glass.  There are many etches with loops, clovers, or whatever they are called.  If I really wanted to find out who made this glass, I would spend time trying to determine if the stem is unique to a particular company.  I only have one of these stems and I have no idea where I picked it up.  I generally buy single stems of a pattern, cheaply, at a flea market or yard sale.  I use them for my own beverages as I don’t mind, as much, if they get chipped in the handling.  This glass has a pretty shape and a nice optic.  I would bet (someone is welcome to prove me wrong) that it was made before 1938.