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Fran, one of the Administrators at the Facebook Group Depression & Elegant Glass Identification posted this explanation of the different techniques used in tinting glass.  It is very interesting.  I have heard the terms, flashed, cold and stained before, but never really understood them.  She has done a great job describing the differences.

Check out this Facebook group.  There is always interesting information and eye candy photos!

“Flashed Glass is a thin layer of colored glass, so it doesn’t come off unless ground away, like Cut to Clear Glass. Flashed is almost always found with a cutting exposing the layer beneath. Stained is an applied painted on coloring, much thinner and less permanent. When fired on it’s pretty hardy too but will wear and scrape off from use over time. Then there is also Cold Painted Glass like some Jeannette that can wash off easily because it was not fired on.”