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Ordinarily I post repeat patterns on the same running post.  But this piece deserves its own post.

I visited the Hamilton Antique Mall for the first time last month.  It is a great place to visit.  Three floors, clean and lots of variety.  The visit was serendipitous.  A lady on one of my Facebook groups was advertising a sale in her shop.  I decided to visit.  Bought this piece and two amazing Heisey pieces in zircon.

I saw this piece, tucked away in a back corner of a shelf, and was intrigued.  When I pulled it out, I was very pleasantly thrilled.

This beautiful piece is the first piece of amber glass that I have owned with the Corn Flower cutting.  The colour is a thick honey coloured amber.

I have put it up for sale in my Etsy shop, but if it doesn’t sell for a long time I won’t be disappointed.  It looks lovely in my living room cabinet.  It sparkles when the sun shines on it.