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Cambridge Statuesque Farberware Compote (2)I used to own a Cambridge Crown Tuscan Compote with the sea shell bowl and the nude statuesque lady stem.  I’ve recently bought cocktail glasses, and I am excited to see them arrive.

The stand of this piece is chromium.  It was made by Farbers Bros. of New York, between 1939-1955.  The stem closely resembles the work of Cambridge and its statuesque line.  Farber Bros’ chrome line was called Krome-Kraft.  A key feature of the Krome-Kraft line was the patented snap-in/snap-off feature of the inserts.  They all come out.  I am guessing htis was to clean the glass without getting the chrome wet all the time.

The glass insert was made by Cambridge Glass Company of Cambridge, Ohio.

I don’t know anything about Art Deco, but this reminds me of a piece of that design (don’t really know why).

Interesting piece.