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Picked up this lovely amber centre handle server recently. I think the production dates were 1927-1941. The pattern is #2375 Fairfax.  This is the second one that I have found in amber.  Don’t know how many colours the piece was made in.










August 26, 2014

Acquired two of the champagnes/tall sherberts.  The colour is spectacular (still).Fostoria Vernon Champagne









Original March 15, 2014 Post

Fostoria VernonThe only coloured pieces by Fostoria that I have owned were stems in the Canary shade.  I bought these online and they were more beautiful than I had expected.  The green is very rich.  Not a deep forest green, but not as much yellow as some other greens.

In Hazel Weatherman’s book, Fostoria, its first fifty years, Ms. Weatherman reports that Fostoria introduced colour, including the colour green, to its pieces in 1924. Fostoria Vernon

The Vernon design, plate etching number 277 was introduced in 1927 and discontinued in 1934.  It was produced in orchid (1927-28), azure (1928-1934), amber (1927-1934) and green (1927-1934).

This line of tableware had many pieces.

Although the etch is not one of my all time favourites, it is attractive.  However it is the colour makes these stems very appealing.