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006Yet another one.  This is a little frog.  It is marked “Made in England”.  With all the frogs that you see in shops that were likely made in the U.S., I have to wonder why they were imported from Europe!

Pretty amber colour.


Posting of June 11, 2014

Carnival Flower FrogMy favourite local antique store – Under the Toad Stool had this carnival flower frog. I saw this in April, but didn’t buy it.  Off I went to Florida and thought about it for two weeks.  When I got home I headed to the shop to see if it was still there.  Lo and behold it was.  Carnival Flower Frog (2)I hadn’t bought it at first sight as it has some chips on the bottom.  But….for some reason, I just had to have it.

It has very pretty Carnival shades.  I wish I knew more about these pieces.

Update to the original post of April 27, 2014


Flower Frogs (2)There are flower frogs of all shapes, sizes, colours and designs.  I have owned a Cambridge Rose Lady at one time, and now just these two pieces which I use. There are devotees to flower

Flower Frogs (3) frogs.  Check this site out – The Flower Frog Gazette. I know nothing about them at all.  I find this article interesting – Collecting Floral Frogs: David Spain.  At first glance the frogs you see in thrift shops or in vintage stores, appear the same.  But there are vast differences.  Even between these two.  They are very differently shaped and sized.  On one the holes are open.  On the other, the frog is cased – the water doesn’t flow through, and it has little feet. I passed up a green flower frog recently, and I am sorry I did.  It was a pretty colour.  But I can’t start collecting more things for no reason.  There are only so many vases of flowers that can be displayed at any one time. Flower FrogsThese two frogs likely came with the matching vase/vessel.  They are long gone, although one piece fits a pinwheel vessel that I have, and will show off soon.