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I picked up two of these stems at a local thrift shop.  Ordinarily I would never buy anything that was marked with a message, but I knew I had seen the bird stems before and I wanted to identify them.

This is what I read on a couple of online posts.  “Old Crow Cocktail Stems were made by Libbey for the Kentucky’s Old Crow Distillery, maker of Old Crow Bourbon.” There’s lots of information online about the Distillery.  Check out the listing at Abandoned.  Abandoned itself looks like an interesting website.  It bills itself as:

“…….a resource that provides access to thousands of photographs and countless locations across the United States that are abandoned, endangered, active and demolished. From pure silk mills to World War II-era ammunition plants to simple, well-crafted residences, Abandoned aims to document that of which is being forgotten.”

Always something to learn!