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I think I finally ended up giving the creamer and sugar away.  Certainly couldn’t sell it.  Well, still been a good lesson for me.  I am now ruthless about looking for condition flaws.  Doesn’t mean I won’t buy something, but at least I know upfront if there is any damage.

Bought this set of candle holders in the Nerva line.  The scrollwork is very attractive.  Don’t know the name of the cutting.


October 11, 2015

Paden City NervaI learned, well…relearned…a lesson after buying these pieces at a local thrift shop.  DON’T BUY GLASS WITHOUT YOUR SPECTACLES!!!!!  Got home to find that someone has very carefully glued a broken foot back on the creamer.  Didn’t notice as I can’t see close-up any more and my glasses were well protected in my car!  Oh well.

This is Paden City’s Nerva line with silver overlay perhaps applied by Lotus.  Lots of pretty pieces in this line and some in red as well.